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Today has started a bit slow as the local electricity company decided that no work went on at this premises during a day as there is only a church here and so they could cut off the electricity.  Well we got the power back eventually.

To explain the title of todays post it should be noted that this weekend we went to a place called Chocolatte where we ordered coffees, water and a chocolate muffin.  When the muffin arrived at our table it had some chocolate stuff on top and when taken off it dripped and gooed.  My wonderful wife said “It’s wicked” and my super son said them same.  It was a delightful moment.

The weekend was an odd one, most plans we had made went a little awry.  We decided to get fish and chips on Friday we got pizzas and a gluten free burger.  We needed to get fruit and vegetables so I went to the market later than usual.  Afterwards we went out and got new tyres on our car, some things for the house and came home for lunch at which point my super son was not happy. He fell asleep eventually and had to be picked up and put in the car for church.

Sunday we were not sure what we were doing other than having lunch with our Aunt and Uncle who live down here.  We went to Cafe Eden which has a good Gluten free menu but the concensus for us as a family was that we would try again but are not real sure if we liked the food enough.  The buzz around the place was great though so we would like it to work and Maling Rd in Canterbury is a nice area.  It was after this we went to Camberwell and my super son exclaimed “It’s wicked”.  We also wandered around the market and then headed home again for my son to sleep.  When he awoke we headed over to our neighbours from Church across the road and ended up having dinner there.

So a busyish weekend but a good one – roll on Father’s day …


This was an odd weekend.  We have decided to stay closer to home lately to save money on eating out as lunches for the 3 of us were costing more than we were budgeting.  So Saturday we cleaned up the house as we are expecting a guest this week.  We then took a family trip to the library and went to a place to consider getting a facelift for our kitchen as our oven died a while back and so far we have been told is is unreparable.

We then headed home and I slept on the couch, until my super son realised I was asleep from reading for 5 minutes and he woke me up by dumping his wagon of blocks about a metre from me with a loud crash.  Later Saturday we all went to church and saw Ken Duncan present which was great.

Sunday then was more cleaning, a little reading and then I went to Deakin University’s Open Day.  This was a very mixed experience as I had done my research and known where to go.  Eventually I found the right place but there were a number of signs missing, rude staff and hrlpful students.  I suppose it means something when the students are more helpful than advising staff, I’ll let you decide what.  Afterwards my super son and I went for a drive to the shops to get some things for dinner that we needed.  Again he wanted to go to the library and we did.  2 more books later and we got out of there.

When we got home my wonderful wife eventually awoke and we went for a walk.  I saw the rabbits which to this point had been mythical for me and also we found a park nearby that is easier to get to than by road.

While not as a restful weekend as I would have hoped it was still a break.

This weekend felt a bit like other weekends.  We were all at the doctor.  While my wonderful wife and super son got antibiotics to help them get over their bugs – and they are I was told, “It’s just a cold.  Oh by the way, the way your nose is working is not normal.”  This is not something you want to hear from your doctor.  So I now need to get an allergy test.

The rest of the day was relatively quiet with a trip to the library, pharmacy, some shops and church.  I enjoyed the sermon and it got my wonderful wife and I talking about our involvement and what I hope we will do longer term.

Sunday was a quieter day.  My wonderful wife slept in we had a late breakfast, an on time lunch, a trip to Chadstone to get some glasses for my super sons fluffy bear as my super son has started wearing glasses and finally Bunnings for some things around the home.

So while the weekend started out poorly it finished well.

After a rough weekend of many of us being sick and all of us at the doctor on Monday I was not in a mood to write what had happened over the weekend.  We had a family party, got to church (great sermon) and rested.

On Monday I found out that Scott McKnight has also decided to start writing about Bain’s What the Best College Teacher’s Do.  Scott has started the series here.

This makes me reflect that I may be becoming like Scott in some manner.  I took his suggestion of books on teaching and purchased one and had some of the rest on my list as possibilities.  This has opened up a whole new world to me as I invest in thinking more about how I teach.  I also take suggestions from his book reviews and now have a huge list on of presents I’d like or books I should read that are in our library.

I am not, however, completely like Scott.  Scott has given hints that he is about a decade older than me.  A guest lecturer for me yesterday said in one of my classes how old he is and that he is in his generative years.  I am not at that point.  I still have a four year old at home, generative is not around there yet.  What this does mean is that I have time and room to grow and look forward to doing so.

The same guest lecturer gave a challenge for us which I will leave you with.  Are you growing in character, competence, character and/or charisma?

To celebrate my wonderful wife’s birthday we decided to visit the Mornington Penisula for the weekend.  This does not appear to have been a good idea.  We now all have coughs, colds or still feel cold as we froze.  Our accommodation while ok was not brilliant and was cold.  The water was so cold when my super son put his feet in the water he screamed.  Looks like from now on sanity breaks will be in Queensland or NSW.

The good stuff was an expensive trip to Mornington Penisula Chocolates and seeing Sorrento.  It is a nice area but in future we will do day trips not breaks.  The countryside is gorgeous and Cape Schanck is a great area to walk around.

If only we had been able to find better gluten free food it might have been ok but in the end this was more insanity than sanity for us.

It has been a bit of an odd weekend.  More news will follow in the coming week but it was odd nevertheless.

Friday was the celebration of my wonderful wife’s birthday.  We went into the city, to Mrs Parmas,  and had a yummy dinner.  My wonderful wife forgot where we were going to go for dessert and so we had to have a walk to help the food go down and to have room.  We went to Cafe Fraus for dessert though my super son wanted to have a savoury crepe as well.  He finished off his mother’s rather than having his own sweet crepe.

Saturday we woke up early, way too early.  In the end some friends volunteered to take my super son for a few hours and we went to Sassafras for a late breakfast.  We then tried to have a rest but my super son kept me up more than I hoped.  We headed off to the party for my wife, her youngest brother, a cousin and another cousin’s fiance.  We stopped along the way to get Asian and Italian food to share with everyone else.  We came home and my super son was super hungry still so we got him some food and landed in bed far later than I wanted.

Sunday was church.  We got there for the first time in a few weeks.  Our super son jumped and clapped for the worship.  We had a good sermon and came home.  To sleep.  My wonderful wife fell asleep.  My super son wanted my company and so I stayed with him.  I fell asleep, then I felt my super son dropping his toy teddy bear on me.  I woke up.  After repeating this sort fo thing a few times I went to bed to sleep.  My son whom I wan not feeling charitable toward joined my wonder wife and I.  I fell asleep.  I woke up.  My wonderful wife indicated my super son was asleep and I relaxed.  He waited till I fell asleep and was snoring before he would go to sleep.

In the end we did some shopping, had dinner and then went up Mt Dandenong as a special trip for my super son.  The wekend drew to a close and we slept.

This weekend we decided to do a little exploring.  This was not a good idea with all of us having remains of colds but we tried to push on anyway.

We took the step of going to Mordialloc.  Now I think of this name as a cross between Mordor and malloc a function in some computer languages.  I still need to look up what it means.  We did find a discount chocolate store which all of us benefitted from.  The lunch at Cafe Blah Blah was enjoyed by my super son and I but my wonderful wife was off her food so nothing for her.

We went for a quick drive by the bay next and while pulled over in a carpark so my wonderful wife could see the water we saw dolphins in the bay.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us and my wife was smiling because of it.

Afterwards we grabbed some lunch for my wondeful wife at Fish Galore and More in Wantirna so she could have a Gluten-Free Fish Souvlaki.  We then went to, and just made it to, my super son’s kindergarten celebration for the anniversary of their opening.

We had a quiet night and somewhere along the way I learnt of the impending closure of the 50 year old restaurant Scheherezade. We had eaten there earlier in the year and loved the area.  It will be sad to see this part of Melbourne’s history disappear.

Well I am finally having a chance to catch up from the weekend.  My woderful wife has a bad cold bug or similar and so I am home minding teh super son.  We just had a blast with a little outing and now I am back.

Over the weekend, and possibly the cause for my wonderful wife’s woes we went to the Queen Victoria Markets and to see the latest David Williamson play, Scarlet O’Hara at the Crimson Parrot.  Both were great experiences.

The markets were a fun experience as a family.  I always think of the Queen Vic as a quintessential Melbourne experience and recommend them to most visitors.  We had a little bit of breakfast before we went but had more when we were there.  Including some gluten free food and nice coffees.

We have also joined a baby sitting club which means we can now get a baby sitter for no charge but then have a debt to sit for someone else.  Which is fine by us.  Our baby sitter arrived after dinner and we took ourselves off to the late show.  When we arrived we had a little walk around and then ran into friends from Sydney.  Talk about a small world.  We both enjoyed the show, some of the Williamson plays I have seen have been light and some have been very heavy.  This was definitely light but charming even with a sick actor replaced by the assistant director with a script in his hand.

I really wanted to write about what sort of good weekend I had except of course everyone was sick, I have had meetings galore and now I have to work on the outcomes of the meeting.

The weekend was nice even if it started on Friday with a trip to Vic Roads.  The last thing to do with the move to Melbourne was completed.  Our car and our licenses are now Victorian.  As JFK once once famously remarked about being a Jam donut “Ich Bin Berliner” I can now say “Ich Bin Victorian”.

From there I picked up my wonderful wife and celebrated her first week at her new job.

Saturday and Sunday was suffering with colds or virii but I am not sure which.  On Sunday friends came around to inform us of their engagement.  Finally!

So while a short post about the weekend at least we had one.  This weekend my good wife flies to Brisbane with our super son and I will join them later in the week after I have got my major projects completed.

I have given some details of last weekend and now for a few more. As I have mentioned already this week it is wedding season and we have a wedding to go to at the end of the month. Some of the family need some more clothes for this to work so on Saturday we trooped off to DFO at Moorabin or Cheltenham depending on what you read.

Anyway it was partially successful. My super son now has a shirt for the wedding, I picked up a new shirt but my wonderful wife did not find anything she wanted.

Sunday was a people day and checking Facebook.

Monday started off very undecided. As we had a late night on Sunday my super son slept in. We lazed in bed and read books. In the end we decided to go to Sassafras Cafe in the Dandenong Ranges. We all enjoyed what we had though none of the staff expected my super son to eat all that he ordered. He did though.

We came home and then relaxed more. And that was about the weekend for us. A very restful one.

And to finish off a joke about prayer can be found here.


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