This weekend we decided to do a little exploring.  This was not a good idea with all of us having remains of colds but we tried to push on anyway.

We took the step of going to Mordialloc.  Now I think of this name as a cross between Mordor and malloc a function in some computer languages.  I still need to look up what it means.  We did find a discount chocolate store which all of us benefitted from.  The lunch at Cafe Blah Blah was enjoyed by my super son and I but my wonderful wife was off her food so nothing for her.

We went for a quick drive by the bay next and while pulled over in a carpark so my wonderful wife could see the water we saw dolphins in the bay.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us and my wife was smiling because of it.

Afterwards we grabbed some lunch for my wondeful wife at Fish Galore and More in Wantirna so she could have a Gluten-Free Fish Souvlaki.  We then went to, and just made it to, my super son’s kindergarten celebration for the anniversary of their opening.

We had a quiet night and somewhere along the way I learnt of the impending closure of the 50 year old restaurant Scheherezade. We had eaten there earlier in the year and loved the area.  It will be sad to see this part of Melbourne’s history disappear.