After a rough weekend of many of us being sick and all of us at the doctor on Monday I was not in a mood to write what had happened over the weekend.  We had a family party, got to church (great sermon) and rested.

On Monday I found out that Scott McKnight has also decided to start writing about Bain’s What the Best College Teacher’s Do.  Scott has started the series here.

This makes me reflect that I may be becoming like Scott in some manner.  I took his suggestion of books on teaching and purchased one and had some of the rest on my list as possibilities.  This has opened up a whole new world to me as I invest in thinking more about how I teach.  I also take suggestions from his book reviews and now have a huge list on of presents I’d like or books I should read that are in our library.

I am not, however, completely like Scott.  Scott has given hints that he is about a decade older than me.  A guest lecturer for me yesterday said in one of my classes how old he is and that he is in his generative years.  I am not at that point.  I still have a four year old at home, generative is not around there yet.  What this does mean is that I have time and room to grow and look forward to doing so.

The same guest lecturer gave a challenge for us which I will leave you with.  Are you growing in character, competence, character and/or charisma?