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The link above has a wonderful description of the Lesslie Newbigin’s influence on the Missional Church movement and ties together resources on both sides of the Atlantic (and Pacific) well.

One thing in the article I was reminded of is that the church is a learning community.  This is why I have a fascination with the approaches to teaching & learning that we take.  I see teaching as a form of discipling and discipling as a way of teaching   This is why I completed a Masters in Higher Education to better understand ways of teaching and realise that social media tools like Facebook can be tools for discipleship and not just self aggrandisement.

So do you see your church as a learning community?

Consider it.



It is interesting to read the link above in light of my previous post about what we reward.

Organisational development argues for an empowering stance within an organisation, the movement leadership model takes that one step further.

I like the fact that David Wittenberg says

 I’m sure that God has a role in his church for visionaries and strategists like me. I’m sure that he loves to use large congregations and controlling managers, as well.

But when Wittenberg’s personal style becomes our only model of leadership in churches we lose something.

Consider it

On the folly of rewarding A while hoping for B by Steven Kerr

I said I am getting the research groove back.  It may seem unusual then I suppose to post a link to this article except if you read it and then start to think about it.

What is it in church life we reward?  How much of long term hard yakka discipleship is rewarded or do we prefer to see those who can grow something quickly but with no consideration of the cost?  Or the quality of those disciples.

I said recently to a friend our effectiveness in discipleship is not how many disciples we have made but how many disciples they have made.  Most of the amazing quality overnight successes I know of had 20 years behind them in the wilderness, working quietly, doing what they were supposed to and then becoming known.

Consider it.

I had intended last year to comment on Tony Jones’s dissertation.  If time with my Kindle permits me to do so I still will.  Life took a few crazy turns last year and I did not accomplish what I wanted to.  Mind you a number of other professional projects were completed which took some of my time.  This included another Masters degree.

What I have realised is that I am starting to get my research groove back.  I am thinking in different areas and as I interact with some blogs again thinking about my own areas.

This means I am seriously thinking about what I want to write here and what will go into papers.  Stay tuned for more work.

In the last week I have had two conversations about my PhD.

That is not unusual in itself.  The unusual thing is that both of them were with people overseas.

One of them told me my thesis is now online, which I have since verified.

So if you want to see a scanned copy of my thesis – with all its errors – go to


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