It has been a bit of an odd weekend.  More news will follow in the coming week but it was odd nevertheless.

Friday was the celebration of my wonderful wife’s birthday.  We went into the city, to Mrs Parmas,  and had a yummy dinner.  My wonderful wife forgot where we were going to go for dessert and so we had to have a walk to help the food go down and to have room.  We went to Cafe Fraus for dessert though my super son wanted to have a savoury crepe as well.  He finished off his mother’s rather than having his own sweet crepe.

Saturday we woke up early, way too early.  In the end some friends volunteered to take my super son for a few hours and we went to Sassafras for a late breakfast.  We then tried to have a rest but my super son kept me up more than I hoped.  We headed off to the party for my wife, her youngest brother, a cousin and another cousin’s fiance.  We stopped along the way to get Asian and Italian food to share with everyone else.  We came home and my super son was super hungry still so we got him some food and landed in bed far later than I wanted.

Sunday was church.  We got there for the first time in a few weeks.  Our super son jumped and clapped for the worship.  We had a good sermon and came home.  To sleep.  My wonderful wife fell asleep.  My super son wanted my company and so I stayed with him.  I fell asleep, then I felt my super son dropping his toy teddy bear on me.  I woke up.  After repeating this sort fo thing a few times I went to bed to sleep.  My son whom I wan not feeling charitable toward joined my wonder wife and I.  I fell asleep.  I woke up.  My wonderful wife indicated my super son was asleep and I relaxed.  He waited till I fell asleep and was snoring before he would go to sleep.

In the end we did some shopping, had dinner and then went up Mt Dandenong as a special trip for my super son.  The wekend drew to a close and we slept.