This was an odd weekend.  We have decided to stay closer to home lately to save money on eating out as lunches for the 3 of us were costing more than we were budgeting.  So Saturday we cleaned up the house as we are expecting a guest this week.  We then took a family trip to the library and went to a place to consider getting a facelift for our kitchen as our oven died a while back and so far we have been told is is unreparable.

We then headed home and I slept on the couch, until my super son realised I was asleep from reading for 5 minutes and he woke me up by dumping his wagon of blocks about a metre from me with a loud crash.  Later Saturday we all went to church and saw Ken Duncan present which was great.

Sunday then was more cleaning, a little reading and then I went to Deakin University’s Open Day.  This was a very mixed experience as I had done my research and known where to go.  Eventually I found the right place but there were a number of signs missing, rude staff and hrlpful students.  I suppose it means something when the students are more helpful than advising staff, I’ll let you decide what.  Afterwards my super son and I went for a drive to the shops to get some things for dinner that we needed.  Again he wanted to go to the library and we did.  2 more books later and we got out of there.

When we got home my wonderful wife eventually awoke and we went for a walk.  I saw the rabbits which to this point had been mythical for me and also we found a park nearby that is easier to get to than by road.

While not as a restful weekend as I would have hoped it was still a break.