Well I am finally having a chance to catch up from the weekend.  My woderful wife has a bad cold bug or similar and so I am home minding teh super son.  We just had a blast with a little outing and now I am back.

Over the weekend, and possibly the cause for my wonderful wife’s woes we went to the Queen Victoria Markets and to see the latest David Williamson play, Scarlet O’Hara at the Crimson Parrot.  Both were great experiences.

The markets were a fun experience as a family.  I always think of the Queen Vic as a quintessential Melbourne experience and recommend them to most visitors.  We had a little bit of breakfast before we went but had more when we were there.  Including some gluten free food and nice coffees.

We have also joined a baby sitting club which means we can now get a baby sitter for no charge but then have a debt to sit for someone else.  Which is fine by us.  Our baby sitter arrived after dinner and we took ourselves off to the late show.  When we arrived we had a little walk around and then ran into friends from Sydney.  Talk about a small world.  We both enjoyed the show, some of the Williamson plays I have seen have been light and some have been very heavy.  This was definitely light but charming even with a sick actor replaced by the assistant director with a script in his hand.