To celebrate my wonderful wife’s birthday we decided to visit the Mornington Penisula for the weekend.  This does not appear to have been a good idea.  We now all have coughs, colds or still feel cold as we froze.  Our accommodation while ok was not brilliant and was cold.  The water was so cold when my super son put his feet in the water he screamed.  Looks like from now on sanity breaks will be in Queensland or NSW.

The good stuff was an expensive trip to Mornington Penisula Chocolates and seeing Sorrento.  It is a nice area but in future we will do day trips not breaks.  The countryside is gorgeous and Cape Schanck is a great area to walk around.

If only we had been able to find better gluten free food it might have been ok but in the end this was more insanity than sanity for us.