This weekend felt a bit like other weekends.  We were all at the doctor.  While my wonderful wife and super son got antibiotics to help them get over their bugs – and they are I was told, “It’s just a cold.  Oh by the way, the way your nose is working is not normal.”  This is not something you want to hear from your doctor.  So I now need to get an allergy test.

The rest of the day was relatively quiet with a trip to the library, pharmacy, some shops and church.  I enjoyed the sermon and it got my wonderful wife and I talking about our involvement and what I hope we will do longer term.

Sunday was a quieter day.  My wonderful wife slept in we had a late breakfast, an on time lunch, a trip to Chadstone to get some glasses for my super sons fluffy bear as my super son has started wearing glasses and finally Bunnings for some things around the home.

So while the weekend started out poorly it finished well.