I really wanted to write about what sort of good weekend I had except of course everyone was sick, I have had meetings galore and now I have to work on the outcomes of the meeting.

The weekend was nice even if it started on Friday with a trip to Vic Roads.  The last thing to do with the move to Melbourne was completed.  Our car and our licenses are now Victorian.  As JFK once once famously remarked about being a Jam donut “Ich Bin Berliner” I can now say “Ich Bin Victorian”.

From there I picked up my wonderful wife and celebrated her first week at her new job.

Saturday and Sunday was suffering with colds or virii but I am not sure which.  On Sunday friends came around to inform us of their engagement.  Finally!

So while a short post about the weekend at least we had one.  This weekend my good wife flies to Brisbane with our super son and I will join them later in the week after I have got my major projects completed.