Today has started a bit slow as the local electricity company decided that no work went on at this premises during a day as there is only a church here and so they could cut off the electricity.  Well we got the power back eventually.

To explain the title of todays post it should be noted that this weekend we went to a place called Chocolatte where we ordered coffees, water and a chocolate muffin.  When the muffin arrived at our table it had some chocolate stuff on top and when taken off it dripped and gooed.  My wonderful wife said “It’s wicked” and my super son said them same.  It was a delightful moment.

The weekend was an odd one, most plans we had made went a little awry.  We decided to get fish and chips on Friday we got pizzas and a gluten free burger.  We needed to get fruit and vegetables so I went to the market later than usual.  Afterwards we went out and got new tyres on our car, some things for the house and came home for lunch at which point my super son was not happy. He fell asleep eventually and had to be picked up and put in the car for church.

Sunday we were not sure what we were doing other than having lunch with our Aunt and Uncle who live down here.  We went to Cafe Eden which has a good Gluten free menu but the concensus for us as a family was that we would try again but are not real sure if we liked the food enough.  The buzz around the place was great though so we would like it to work and Maling Rd in Canterbury is a nice area.  It was after this we went to Camberwell and my super son exclaimed “It’s wicked”.  We also wandered around the market and then headed home again for my son to sleep.  When he awoke we headed over to our neighbours from Church across the road and ended up having dinner there.

So a busyish weekend but a good one – roll on Father’s day …