I have just read an unusual book – Bulletproof your Life.  I borrowed it from my library thinking it was on one topic and it was on another.  While some of it is based on the idea of what is the worst case scenario that can happen in your life and take steps to prevent it, the rest is based on being in control no matter what happens.  Ultimately the book is about preventative maintenance of our lives, assets and relationships.

This metaphor though got me thinking of other areas where I believe far more strongly in preventative maintenance.  So here are a few:

1) Good pre-marriage counselling – making sure the marriage gets off to the best start by knowing in advance how to deal with potential problems.

2) Saying “No” – to prevent burnout, to prevent over committment with under fulfilment and limit stress.

3) Planning ahead – to prevent stress but to get things done on time in the best quality possible

4) Spending time in relationship with people including God and my spouse knowing there will be times when I need those at the other end of the relationships to sustain me in some way.

5) Trying to get my lecture notes prepared in advance to prevent student stress and last minute decisions.

In general I think God wants us to live life abundantly but the way we make decisions sometimes means we heav breakdowns that could be avoided with some preventative maintenance.