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Every so often you have a conversation that is bizarre.  Last night we asked our super son what he had for a late snack at Kindergarten.  He replied “Mermaid on Pikelet.”

A few moments later after thinking of Marmite we realised he had eaten marmalade on his pikelet.

Just a random revelation of our life 🙂


I have just given my last lecture for semester. It was for church history and ended on a high note as we watched a video from Paul Aldrich.

I’ll be glad to have time to get some of the huge admin I need to get done but I’ll do the marking as well.

Enjoy the video.

I had a good day for my birthday.

The day started out with me waking up and eventually my son saying hi and then surrounded by my fabulous family I opened presents. I received a few books which I wanted and a few surprises.

I had a quick lunch with the family.

My work remembered or could not forget that it was my birthday and bought a yummy caramello cheesecake to celebrate.

That night we had dinner at Sofias. We find the food here to be good when you get certain dishes. We did not do so well this night.

We went home and had birthday cake from Cheesecake Heaven. It was Gluten-free so all of us indulged.

One of the funniest things that happened though was a couple of days before my birthday someone baby sat so my wonderful wife and I could have some time together. Apparently my super son wanted a video and it was started for him at some point. For some reason unknown to the baby sitter the video would not stop. We were told about it when we got home, forgot about it and that was it.

The next day we had to make sure that everything was set up not to record on the tape of my super son. We could not get anything to work. I said maybe its the batteries. My wonderful wife found some new ones and lo and behold it all worked.

So I had a great birthday without birthday bashings but maybe batteryngs 🙂

With the move to Melbourne we have visited a few churches.  This has made me think of other amusing experiences I have had in visiting churches and thought I would summarise the odd ways NOT to make someone feel welcome as a visitor.

Remember to take these lightly as they are based on my possibly faulty recollections of visits.  And if you think your church is here, possibly guess again.

Next week I might add the list of really positive things that have happened when I have visited churches.

10) Give all visitors a red rose to identify them as visitors.  This includes the single guy by himself.  *BLUSH*

9) Do not advertise your dress and Bible code as grey suit and Revised Standard Version.  All visitors are self-identifying as they do not meet this code when they arrive in jeans and with New International Version Bibles.

8) Welcome a visitor from the pulpit by getting their name and country of origin wrong.

7) Welcome a visitor from the pulpit by forgetting their name asking for a prompt and then saying “now what was your wifes name?” straight after being introduced to her.

6) Have a pastor turn away from the visitor as they are not of the pastor’s ethnic background or the ethnic background of the majority of your church and shake the hand of someone else.

5) Ignoring the visitor who the senior pastor has asked to be introduced to the next time they are in church.

4) Doing 5 straight after a sermon on all people are valued and respected and ignore the visitor because there are special guests from overseas who have just dropped in and need to be taken care of.

3) Say you are a seeker sensitive church and use so much jargon/Christianese that visiting Christians can not figure out what you mean.

2) After registering a child for the childrens programme and saying “No juice, no jam” on the paper work call in the parents and say “We have just fed him some jam, will there be an anaphylactic reaction?”

1) Give visitors an items so large that it can not be missed that they are visitors (imagine one of those foam hands for example) and then have no one say hello the whole time they are slowly leaving the church.

Today my super son asked my wonderful wife how do we get to her birthday?  It may have been said because we were talking about the fact that this month is mine and his birthday and we may have said  “Mummy’s is a long way off”.

Now how do you explain to someone who is less than 4 the passing of time?  And waiting?  Especially when 3 months is 1/16 of their life?  A long way is a long walk in his thinking.

All I know is I am looking forward to a low key birthday which will be soon.

So how do you get to your birthday?

This week has included April Fool’s day and while there are a few posts around the net about the day my favourite one is still the Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time.  Each year I get a laugh again from the Spaghetti Tree.


I enjoyed Steve Salerno’s SHAM: How the Self Help Movement is Making America Helpless. Every so often he writes other pieces on his blog that should be more widely disseminated. His piece on translating the Bible in modern times tickles my fancy.

The title of today’s post again comes from my wonderful wife.  We had a weekend retreat, 2 days of the Australia day long weekend, and at one point we were on the beach at Mooloolaba and talking.

My wife said something like, this weekend will end up in the blog.  I replied not necessarily.  The next thing we know is a photographer started taking fashion shots of a girl in a bikini right in front of us against the rocks.  I think my super son may have ended up in one of the photos but I am not sure. My wonderful wife said “Now it will” I said I was still not sure.

Our super son kept digging a road and making a city, my wife and I kept talking about life, the universe and everything.  Next thing my wife says, looking over my shoulder is, “Oh dear she’s in the water”.  Referring not to the photographer but the model.  I did not look.

And I thought yes it will end up in the blog now.  And I said “That’s a great title for an entry in the blog”.  So it became one.

We did have a nice weekend away and came back to some cleaning up around the house.

I said to someone this week a friend used to say it is always easier to turn a moving ship and we have seen that this week.  Things we thought were going in one direction have moved in another.  I feel like saying we are a boat and “Oh dear she’s in the water” but that may be stretching the analogy too far.

So what did you do for the Australia Day weekend?

We all have a past. For better or worse. There are things we readily admit to and things we don’t tell anybody.

One bit of the past I saw on a T-Shirt recently said “Kitt is a Cylon”. This took me ages to figure out. If you need help see Kitt & Cylon for it all to make sense and remember the defining thing of a Cylon is the red light that flashes back and forth.

Another thing from my past is comic books. Now I may be stating I am more of a geek than I like to admit to but I still sometimes read them. For Christmas I received 52 Volume 1 and have read from the library Showcase Presents JLA, Vol 1 and The Tornado’s Path.

I have to admit I enjoyed all of them and now want to read all of 52. Even if its last volume is not quite out in this country yet.

The reason I realise I enjoy reading these, and these particularly is that they take me back to my first reading of comics. I can remember one year on the way home from or on the way to the Easter show, I think, my Mum, Dad and I stopped at St Leonard’s railway station and bought me my first comic. One story in the book was a Justice League of America book and it started me reading comics for many years. My preference has remained to this day to be DC. This does not mean that I am not looking forward to Iron Man at the movies, though I must admit some of the Fantastic Four movies seem more farce than serious takes but I still have a preference for the Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Supes and the gang. I am really looking forward to the Justice League movie even if I have troubles thinking that Adam Brody will be the Flash. When was Barry Allen or Wally West that dark? Geeky no problem, dark no.

So is this a hankering for a simpler time? I actually don’t think so. The things that appealed to me when I was a child are still the things that appeal to me today. I don’t think we move as far from out childhood as we would like to think.

So I have confessed to my comic loves, what are your unwritable confessions?

It seems some days we don’t have time to do things.

Today was one of them.


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