In Sudden Impact is the delightful and now well known phrase – “Go ahead. Make my day.”  This is offered by Clint Eastwood in his Dirty Harry mode.  We’ll come back to Clint.

Monterey has a number of delightful areas – there is Cannery Row, the Del Monte Centre where we went to Whole Foods and the beach.  We woke up at a more reasonable time and our super son decided he wanted to go in the pool.  Which opened at 9:00AM.  We did as much as we could to be prepared, went downstairs and waited, and waited and waited.  With little clothes on – we were going into water – and towels by the pool we just had to wait until the gates were opened.  The spa was great for everybody finally getting rid of all the knots from the plane trip.

This was the day that the power on the laptop ran out  – remember I mentioned that power adaptor I left in San Francisco and we were supposed to have internet access.  I at least had got the list of lunch & dinner places before the laptop shutdown.

From the hotel we drove to Cannery Row and saw some otters but not real close.  My super son and I shared a Cinnamon roll – a family tradition from other trips to Monterey I just had to change who I was sharing the food with.  We then left for Carmel.

Carmel is a lovely town – it’s mayor used to be Clint Eastwood – it was for a long period the home base of Thomas Kinkade “painter of light” but he seems to have moved some of his operations.  We had a great lunch/brunch at Katy’s place where my super son played a game and chatted to all the hispanic bus boys.  Now remember he was still not used to American accents and has a kids voice while the bus boys were not used to much English or an accent.  It was a fun scene to see my super son be so inclusive but have no idea why people did not understand him 🙂

We then walked to one of the Kinkade Galleries.  It was best descibed as the scratch and dent section as everything was 30% off.  It seems my wonderful wife and I both got it into our heads it would be nice to purchase something of Thomas’ again.  My mother had given us a Kinkade print as an engagement gift and I got to look at all the others in the series.  We eventually settled on a picture that we both liked and I had to move the car before the sale was finalised.  All went well and the picture, framed and everything is now happily sitting on our wall at home.

From there we drove South along Pacific Coast Highway to San Simeon where we would stay again in the San Simeon Motel 6.  This time unlike when my wonderful and I were dating we did not need 2 rooms.

Dinner was a challenge – in the end the local pizza place with a salad bar for my wonderful wife and pizza for my super son and I.

And then sleep.

Tomorrow – “Ventura Highway”