It was Saturday, it was San Francisco and it was way too early to wake up.  But we were up.  We had a breakfast appointment at 8 and my super son played in the room while we tried to figure out how to get decent TV.  The Disney Channel would be found later in the trip.

We had a lovely breakfast with a friend of my wife’s, our wonderful appointment was someone who met my wonderful wife 20 years ago or so and they have remained in touch.

Afterward our friend drove us to Union Square and then walked back to the hotel to check out, drive to lunch at Ike’s Place, see the Golden Gate  Bridge, drive Lombard Street and then head to Monterey.  Ike’s Place does incredible sandwiches including gluten free and was as crowded as the website warns you.  The drive aroud the Bridge was lovely but I can’t show you any photos as the USB cable for the camera is elsewhere.  My super son was not impressed with Lombard Street saying it was quite straight – wait till he drives it in 20 years – he may have a different opinion.

So then we headed south. Towards San Jose.  We planned to make one other stop along the way  Walmart – to buy all the cheap stuff we required.  Except remember the early start to the day?  Turned out we had an early meltdown of my super son so we did not accomplish all we wanted to.  We had a new child seat and had seen cheap luggage.  I purchased some clothes and shoes but not as much for my wonderful wife or not so super son at the time.  The meltdown was so bad in fact later that night he said to his mother “I can’t cope! I need to go home to Melbourne.”

We arrived in Monterey a little later, found the hotel, found the Whole Foods Market for dinner and went to bed.

Oh did I mention I left the power adaptor in San Francisco – so maybe I did not leave my heart but an essential part of the trip was there.

Tomorrow – Sudden Impact – “Go ahead. Make my day.”