It was crazy we flew Melbourne->Sydney and then Sydney->San Francisco.  That was the only way we could book the frequent flyer flight so that was the way it was.

We picked up a rental car at San Francisco airport – do not do this if you can avoid it.  I could have and probably should have.  The place was a zoo.

I drove us to Whole Food Markets at Potrero Hill.  They had a salad bar and we sure needed lunch.  We shopped and looked and then ate.

I drove us to a nearby Safeway (I can tell I was still in Northern California until these became Von’s in Southern California) found a AAA and picked up sone maps and then to our hotel.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco.  This is the second time in my life I stayed there.  This was a better experience than previously but the sticker shock in the cafe in the hotel still put me off eating there.  So a family of three jetlagged strong willed and tired people went in search of an early dinner.  In the end my super son and I had mexican from a no-brand place a couple of blocks away and we went back to our hotel, fell asleep until too early in the morning and had to figure out what to do.

So  did I leave my heart in San Francisco?  A little – I was struck yet again at how many people are begging on the streets in San Francisco and how much I do not stop to help them.  Its probably more correct to say that I did not respond to my heart in San Francisco but more of the tale and asking “do you know the way to San Jose” tomorrow.