I admit it has been a while since I have been writing for this blog regularly.  Since I have been busy I put it at a lower priority.  Funnily enough in the work of the urgent someone has asked for me to write more and so having intended to start I have now posted this.

I have just returned from two weeks holiday in the US.  That is a story in itself but lets just say our frequent flyer balance is now much closer to zero than it has been for a long time.  Our bank balance is very much in the other direction but more of that story in about 2 weeks.

It is my intention to write the posts about the trips as a series of reflections entitled by movies or songs invoked by the places we visited.  You can let me know how corny these are. The reflections are as much for the extended family to hear about the trip as well as for me to write down what was happening.

A couple of important facts need to be mentioned before we start so that later comments make senes. We left on Friday June 19.  On Wednesday June 17 my wonderful wife was told she was lactose intolerant.  Considering the test had made her bed ridden this was not a surprise but threw out some planning as we now needed not only gluten free but lactose free food for her.

We also travelled with our now five year old super son.

Return tomorrow for “I left my heart in San Francisco”