Saturday was the hotest day on record in Melbourne.  It was also the start of the greatest disaster in Victoria with the bushfires around.  Currently the numbers are ovber 170 dead.  More are missing including acquaintences of friends of mine.

After that heavy note some details of what we did to beat the heat.  We decided however to try and avoid any tragedy that day and went to the movies and then church with a nap in between.  Coming out of church we found the cool change had come and things were much better for us.

However the movies themselves were an experience.  This was the first time we took our 4.75 year old super son.  Most of the time he sat and watched Bedtime Stories which was a fun movie.  However the start of the time in the cinema was rough.

We had purchased tickets with what we thought was a special voucher for all of us.  It turned out to be for a single ticket.  We sat in the cinema and just about the previews started.  Bedtime Stories is a G rated movie meaning any one can see it.  The previews were not.  They just got worse to such a point that we and the mother in front had our hands over our children’s eyes.

At some point I realised there was some mistake and went to tell the ticket collector.  He said something like “Yeah, someone threaded the wrong film in that cinema.  See the manager and you will receive some complementary tickets.”

So I went down to the manager, had to find her and then complain.  I asked for a full refund as I had a kid complaining about one of the images.  She said, “mistakes happen”.  This frustrated me.  I replied “I don’t think you are taking this seriously.  You are risking the reputation of your company and I will never be able to trust your company again.”

She started to realise this was a more serious error than she suggested and said she would get complementary tickets for me as well as the refund.  While this pacified me I am still concerned about how little care happened concerning young children, especially the first time for us at the cinema.

You know I would say the name of the cinema chain but that would just be derogatory.  However I would have preferred to have a good experience than excuses.  Makes me aware of ways I need to avoid making excuses too.