Over the last few weeks we have been renovating with new pergolas, painting a pink bathroom vanity and replacing our retaining wall.  And while I’d love to admit I am doing it all only the painting was my work.  In the mean time different friends have moved house, finally purchased a house after a year of negotiations with a US bank,  had kids at their house and been in hot houses.  I had to make a weather comment after all it is 40 plus degrees celsius here today.

But this got me thinking to the old question what makes a home?  A home is more than a house.  I know many people who live in a house but it sure does not feel like a home.  For some reason their is no warmth or something intangible is missing.

I think our house is turning into our home.  This is partially because the more we live their the more we like it.  Partially it is because we have a united vision of what the house is and is to become.

It was those reflections that made me realise that unity is one of the things that make a home.  It also makes a team work better and projects go better.  Without a sense of what you want the house to be there is no way it becomes a home.  It is just a glorified motel room where you are allowed to cook food and maybe have pets.

So what else do you think makes a home?