In the last few weeks with it being holidays and talking to people someone asked me where I have enjoyed living the most.  Out of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane it was easy for me to decide which was number 3 but less so for 1 and 2.

Now if I did a simple comparison I could say:

Best waterway(s):

a) Sydney Harbour
b) Yarra River + the Bay
c) The Brisbane River + Moreton Bay

That’s easy – Sydney Harbour.

Best places to eat:

a) Melbourne – all over
b) Sydney – all over
c) Brisbane – all over

I’d have to say that all are close but Sydney while I am most familiar with and find it easiest to get to stuff I think I’d go for Melbourne.

Best place to drive:

a) Brisbane
b) Melbourne
c) Sydney

So I am not sure a comparison is fair.  If I think about more exotic things like interesting markets and include places like the UK and the US where I lived Berlin;s Christmas markets win but for day to day it has to be Melbourne.

So in the end the winner for me at the moment is Melbourne and thus I start a new trend in the blog of reflecting on Melbournian experiences each mid-week.