According to Wikipedia the Childe Cycle by Dickson was unfinished at his death and left in it an unresolved conflict.  It has been a long time since I read the last two novels The Final Encyclopedia and The Chantry Guild but I want today to speak about the series and especially the last two books.

The series ultimately is a science fiction, future look at the world.  Yet Wikipedia tells me it is also an allegory between Courage, Faith and Philosophy.  I read the early books on when I was at high school or university.  I read the last two while I was in New York City.  The last two have had such an impact on me that they have remained on my bookcase to this day.

The basic take away for me was what difference could one person make?  Wikipedia makes  it clear that the issue is what difference can one integrated person, a person who has faith, courage and philopsophy, make?

Dickson’s story shows that one person can make the difference to the whole universe.  They may be the person who stands against another individual who is evil or preserves that which needs to be preserved.

In the end the book reminded me at a time when I felt alone that one person can make a difference.

As I look down the barrel of 2009 I hope and pray that I and you dear readers may also be an individual who make a difference in the new year.