Today is Christmas Eve and in that light I thought I’d reflect on one of those books that has impacted me for Christmas.  The book is Barbara Robinson’s the Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is a classic piece of American child’s fiction that raises the question what if the worst children “in the entire world” came to church one time when the Christmas pageant was being organised and end up taking it over?

This innocent child’s book raises the issues of where the boundaries of church and world collide, who do we want to have in church and in a Christmas pageant and who would Jesus love?  The Horrible Herdmans are not the safe people we want in church but those who truly need to know the gospel but do not have the gloss on their lives of being brought up in a Christian home.

There are many books that raise the issue of attracting people to church, of spiritual formation of children and doing what Jesus would have us do.  This book, possibly inadvertently, does all this in a simple and wonderful way.  Each Christmas I see it around home and try and have a read of it – it has had that much impact.