A few conversations I have had over the last year have been about how in the midst of doing church, talking theology, studying ministry or practising pastor that somewhere along the way something becomes more important than Jesus.

Within some traditions this may be the tradition, the worship, the acts of social justice, the structure of the church or the role of Scripture or something else.  In the end this thing that is supposed to point you to and help you toward Jesus somehow stops you seeing Jesus.  As I put it the other day we eclipse Jesus.

Now when I think of eclipses I think of the solar eclipse whereby something gets in the way of the sun and the earth (the moon) and stops us seeing the sun correctly.  It is just the same with some of our church practices, they get in the way of us seeing the Son.

Now prevention is better than cure but how do you stop the moon getting between the Earth and the Sun?  As we know the Earth is smaller than the sun and the moon smaller than the Earth.  Similarly in our spiritual lives it can be the smaller things that trip us up.  It is not like for an eclipse we have a sun eater destroying the sun, or a big black cloud blocking the son but a relatively small object getting in the way.

Thus to prevent these sort of problems you need to choose what is orbiting you.  What are the distractions or things that are attractive and can make you focus where you shouldn’t.  I remember at the last solar eclipse being told not to look at the sun as I would go blind but this was not the issue of the sun per se but an issue of looking at the occluded sun.  The reality it is not the sun that blinds but the thing that blocks the sun that focusses the rays.  Retinal damage can occur if you look and don’t notice the harmful radiation.

So what might be getting in your way of the Son?