I have lived in three countries, Australia, the US and the UK and three different states in Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.  This year is the first year I have been in Victoria during the great horse race known as the Melbourne Cup and thankfully a year when I was not in the US during election season.  The results of both races run on the first Tuesday of November are important media events.

So at this time I am not going into bashing Yankees or other Americans or deplore the $150 million bet on a race.  I want to reflect on some aspects the state of the US from the perspective of someone who has lived there.

Today I read how watching sexy TV programs becomes an indicator of kids getting pregnant.  The article in The Age is here.

I also read how as one blogger put it, he must submit a post about the results of the election.  That post which is very good no matter who you wanted to win is here.

So what is the state of the US?  It is in need of change.  No surprise there.  But then so is there need for change in our lives.  Nothing is perfect in a country or a person.  Putting a Christian in government or Christ in charge of one’s life does not automatically mean everything gets better.  Scripture talks about the fact that Christ’s foes are still arrayed against him and until Christ returns and death is finally defeated then there will be battles in a country and a life on how best to do something.

You see we can hate what happens in another place or love the result of an election.  Regardless we need to see Christ being glorified by the Church.  God’s Spirit has not stopped working just because someone was or was not elected.  The Spirit of Christ still continues to work in your life and may even do so with the disappointment that someone was or was not elected.

So what is the state of your union?