It continues to amaze my students, and to some extent me, how much the Spirit of God can speak through the Bible and through preaching.  I find even writing this blog seems to have some impact on people as God seems to speak to them through their reading of it.

The question I want to think about today is not if the Spirit speaks of Jesus through sermons, the Bible and blogs, but what sort of speaking do we hear?

You see I heard a powerful sermon on Saturday on issues of social justice.  Numerous people I know are making different choices because of what they heard.  Is this going to be lasting change?  I am not sure yet.  But even my four and a half year old super son this morning was told by my wonderful wife there are people in the world today who went to bed hungry and woke up hungry and therefore we were not wasting their money on us eating out tonight.  This is a different response to the usual, no we are not doing it.

The speaking of God to us is not so much about a word that is new and fresh to us, though these do occur occasionally, but a word that reminds us of his Son and how we are to be like Him in the midst of living our lives.

Yesterday I mentioned turmoil, tumult is also a good word.  In no way was it supposed to be a reflection of the governments comments on Victoria University though it captures that issue well. A prophetic word?  No just learning to be wise like Jesus is.

The Spirit speaks of Jesus, are you listening?