Within certain circles there is the idea of taking dominion.  I understand the people who use this term mean it as taking spiritual dominion and then seeing this work out in the physical.  I want to reflect a little on taking dominion today but not in such a “spiritual sense”.

You see over the last couple of week we have been trying to get some things in order.  We finally worked out a filing system that my wonderful wife and I agree on.  We have been married 9 years and finally got this done.  And yes it has taken that long.  And we then got the filing relatively up to date.  After that we have seen a financial advisor about re-organising our finances and deciding what to do about them. And we tidied up the house and mowed the very long lawn.

We took dominion of our lives.

This is a simple idea – control what you can control.  There are many things in life we can not control, getting the flu, being retrenched, the rate of inflation or whether it will rain.  At the same time we need to see that God has made ways for us to be in control of other areas.  Do we respond to emotional turmoil in a Christ-like manner?  Do we take an umbrella when it looks like rain?  Are we eating well and getting enough rest to try and prevent getting the flu or at least being able to shake it off more quickly?  Are we working hard for our Master and not our boss so that we remember who is our real employer?

Taking dominion in this sense is more about the choices we make than the spiritual side of life.  These sort of choices involve time management, decision making, getting advise, prayer and wisdom but they seem to be far more important in the long run for our long term well being than praying for control over that which we have no control over.

So what do you need to take dominion of?