I was going to write a serious reflection otday on a number of possible topics.  Instead I will invest my time into a discussion on something considered trivial but now I am starting to see as important.

Minutes are one of those things we take for granted.  And I don’t mean the time type of minutes but meeting minutes.  Someone always writes them up for me.

Now I am serving on a couple of committees one of which I am secretary for and others where I contribute to the agenda.  Regardless I end up just expecting the minutes to come fairly automatically.

My wonderful wife has been told she needs to complete a minute taking course.  This made me realise that there must be more to it than just doing them.  The course is full so I am not sure when she will get there but I do realise that if it is important enough for her employer to send her to it I shoul take note (as so to speak).

Biblically we are told that God keeps minutes, it is His book of life.  Minutes for me have not been seen as a thing of life but a paper trail.  Now I realise that a paper trail is a way of showing you have done something just as we know God has done something for us through Jesus Christ by having our names in the book of life.

So what are you writing?