My memory of first reading a Terry Brooks novel is going into the bookshop/giftstore in the suburb that I grew up in fairly close to them closing down and umming and ahhing if the book was too large for a 12 year old boy.  In the end I decided to purchase it.  The novel was the Sword of Shannara I have been reading Terry Brooks for a long time since.

Brooks has written two other series not connected to the Shannara series, there were the Landover novels and the Word and the Void novels.  In the Genesis of Shannara trilogy Brooks bridged the Word and the Void novels to the Shannara novels. I always had the question in the back of my mind with Sword of Shannara was the world depicted our world at some point in the future and if so how did it get that way?  Well with the conclusion of Gypsy Morph I can finally answer that question thought about three decades ago.

I enjoyed Gypsy Morph more than I expected.  I had liked the Word and the Void series and this bridging trilogy I thought showed great imagination and planning or great adaptation by Brooks to merge things together.  The book itself does not develop characters to eny great depth which was a disapointment but lets a couple of them grow a little.  There is more action and plot than development and in the end all the threads are tied together but there is still room for more writings on the topic.

In the end if you want a different vision of the future both apocalyptic and magical have a read.