I have not seen the movie, The Perfect Storm nor read the recent book.  Due to circumstances beyond my control I have been wondering what a Perfect Storm looks like in our lives and I have thought of 5’P’ themes so far:

  • Physical – sickness in the body
  • Psyche – sickness in the mind
  • Personal – relationship troubles or troubles with those we are in close relationship to
  • Professional – problems at work, with work or due to work
  • Prayer – a weakened relationship with the triune God

Last week someone asked me how I was and I said I felt like I had been hit by the perfect storm.  Upon reflection I realise that I only hit two of the 5 themes but it felt like big waves coming my way.

The issues for me were personal, my son’s surgery, and professional – a project or two going awry.  Yet it still felt bad.

So how should I have dealt with this?  Now I could spiritualise this and say that Jesus calms our storms but my storms were not physical issues of storm, rain and wind they were far more internal.  So how does Jesus respond to these issues?  Interestingly enough I don’t think Jesus says “Be still” to the waves of problems facing us.  While he calls us to look to him it is not to banish the problems but, to mix pericopes, to walk on the water with him.

So what does that look like?  It means dealing with the relationship issues, persevering, seeking healing, and seeking God the Father.  Realising that Jesus is present through the Spirit and through the Spirit in other people.

In this life you will have storms – in what way will you look to Jesus to help you?