It took me a long time to finally be able to read Piers Anthony’s Air Apparent.  So long in fact that the next volume of the Xanth series is out in the US.  Why the libraries both in Brisbane and in Melbourne have had troubles getting the book I am not sure.

Writing about this book which is 31st in the series made me remember my childhood, when I read one of the first in the trilogy of Xanth books having purchased it from a no longer existing bookshop in Manly near Sydney, NSW.  It may have been so long ago that I even had my Dad with me as I was not considered old enough to travel by myself.

The Xanth novels are somewhat formulaic, there is a problem to be fixed, a journey to be undertaken, some trials to overcome and a conclusion.  This one does not depart from that general formula.  The novels are full of puns and humor, a little romance and are good fun over all.  This one does not disappoint in any measure.

For those who know the series this book will be enjoyed.  For those who want to start at the beginning there is a lot to catch up with but after a few novels you can sort of skip some and get to the end if you want to.

And who is the air apparent … the heir apparent … I can’t tell you that would spoil some of the novel.