I am writing this post in advance knowing I will be away from my desk for a bit.  My super son is having some surgery and I will be the primary care giver for a few days.

In the midst of teaching this semester I have raised the issue of healing and challenged people to consider if they believe God heals. I have also mentioned the process is not a cut and dried do these 5 steps and you will be healed.  One aspect that I do concentrate on is that Jesus Christ did heal on his time on earth and as we understand him to be the full likeness of God the Father then Father God has a desire to bring substantial healing in a fallen world.

I am not going to go into all the issues about but what happens if God does not heal – I am not the one answerable for those situations and trying to answer sometimes makes me more like Job than his friends and I realise when I need to shut up as Job did.

So today the question is not do you believe in healing but simply will you pray for us?