This weekend was the wedding of my brother-in-law.  Other than chasing my super son too much, and not being nice enough to my wonderful wife as I was doing so much chasing a good time was had by all.

Yet at the same time I realised most of the memorable weddings I have been to or know about had significant things happen that did not quite go right.

At my own wedding my mother turned up after my bride.

During another family member’s wedding a nephew went missing.

During this wedding my son ended up losing his lunch in the bathroom – some allergic reaction to orange juice I think.

Some friends had a friend volunteer an interesting drum solo as part of the wedding celebration.

Some friends had the majority of guests drunk by the time the wedding was over and all the instructions of who not to assign seating next to were (deliberately???) ignored so there were a number of embarassing situations of people hitting on someone or deliberately ignoring their ex.

Not every wedding goes smoothly but in the end it is not the wedding that has to work but the marriage.

Rather than ask been to any good weddings lately I ask you, seen any good marriages lately?