I have accidentally been reading too much about poor impulse control in the last couple of weeks.  Some of the reasons for the reading include a diagnosis of a young family member with this and interesting articles on this topic and delayed gratification.

I was reflecting on the fabulous family wedding on the weekend where the groom spoke as to why he waited so long to get married, my wonderful wife commented that some of the couples seem besotted with their fiancee/partner/spouse and I thought other people just seemed to go through the motions, especially if little kids are around.  I was wondering why is there such a mix of people?

Part of my answer to this bizarrely enough is poor impulse control.  Some of the questions on The Paths to Happiness Survey are about how you deal with people and do you get to know them before embarking on a physical relationship or do you prefer to explore the physical side of romantic involvements right away?  Ultimately the survey says you may be happier if you delay your gratification.  Besottedness is a form of delayed gratification, so is having kids.  It is hard to be physically passionate when you are chasing a 5 year old kid away from the wedding cake.  Similarly if you are deciding to remain chaste before your wedding too much physical passion is self-contradictory.  Both forms say there will be a time and a place when I can appropriately express my feelings.

Poor impulse control says, who cares about waiting lets do it now.  Like the drunk girl who hits on you at a party and you end up moving in together or the kid who eats the marshmallow now rather than waiting for another one later they prefer something now and who cares what happens in the future.  That is until the future arrives and they suddenly realise they are hungry and should have waited for that second marshmallow or are involved with someone inappropriate but having been living together for two years they are now in a defacto relationship (at least by some Australian laws).  The original impulse control was poor and now there are consequences.

Good decisions mean we can not have poor impulse control.  God’s wisdom is described as something we should ask for.  I think one reason for this is that God is training us to get over poor impulse control and ask God and people as to what we should do rather than just do it.

So how is God training you today?