This week we have a family wedding on Saturday which I am really happy to see happen.  I pray the day goes well.  This means we now have family camping at our house and more to visit in the next few days.

On top of this I rode my bike to work this morning and right behind me was an accident as two cars collided.  One of my students was behind the accident and basically said it seemed someone turning and not looking properly.

In the end we can always look back or look forwards.  The accident was a bit of a scare as I was close to it but not close enough to be affected.  To be affected would be me looking back. I had to keep looking ahead to keep myself going, someone else’s wreck behind me can not determine my future.

In the end we have a choice whether we keep looking back or looking forward.  Someone else’s wreck does not determine my decisions, it is just a warning of what not to do and what to avoid.

So what way are you looking?