This week has not been a good one for posting.  Just to warn you next week is definitely not looking real good either.  However in my time away from the office I did catch up on some fiction.  This week I want to talk about Neal Asher’s Line War.

This book is Asher’s last (???) in the line of story’s that started with Gridlinked and continued on through the three other Ian Cormac books.  This means we are treated to some of the same characters we are familiar with and some new ones.  We see how all the threads of the previous books are tied together and that mysterious statements made are explained.  In saying this is the last book there is of course disappointment but also pleasure at finally saying “Oh that’s why they said that …”.

Now I must admit that I think the best characters in this book are the non-human ones who have more personality than some of the humans.  They definitely have some of the best lines.  Some reviews make comments about characterisation at this point whereas I think it is just expected as you have seen the characters evolve over five books and now you have a few new characters with character for better or worse.

The doubts and questions that Cormac has are very real and make sense and so this novel also hooks you on an emotional level of is this all real (in the story).  The answer quite simply is yes but why it is so is revelaed towards the end.  The hints given by the quotes from “How it is by Gordon” and “The Quince Guide” actually add to the story as well.

One question that is in my mind is did Neal Asher plan this all along and thus set us up brillinatly or has more of the ideas been added in over time and brought to a conclusion here?  I am not sure.

In the end I do recommend the series.  If you are not  fan of blood and gore miss a few pages here and there and you will still get the plot.