Today I am speaking to my homiletics class about being clear in their preaching.  Clear as to their purpose and clear in their presentation.   This was driven home to me by an interesting story we heard over the weekend when we saw friends of ours from Brisbane on Sunday night.

Unbeknownst to us our friends had visited our church here in Melbourne in the morning.  Like usual they sent their daughter, who is about the same age as my super son, to the childrens program.  When we were speaking to them we were saying how great the kids program is and that our super son talks about what he has learnt.  They said they noticed for their daughter that the same happened.  After they had taken their daughter to their church’s kids program they’d ask her what she did and not get much of a reply.  I realised that somehow the kids program has a really clear message and that the message gets through.

My students need to understand the same principle – the message needs to get through and does so if it is clear rather than muddy.

So what sort of messages do you give?