Yesterday was Father’s day here in Australia.  As part of the celebration for the day we ended up in St Kilda around 10:30am.  Just to be clear for those who St Kilda for vice, AM.  One of the reasons I wanted to go was to take my super son on a roller-coaster for the first time in his life.  Now I know he is only 4 but he has asked about doing it and I thought about it on and off and went maybe.

With it being Father’s day I realised that there are some things as a father I need to do for my super son that no one else should do.  This was not a blinding flash of revelation but reflection on my father’s actions, what he did and did not do. as well as wanting to be a certain sort of dad.  One of the things i realised was that I wanted to be the person who took my son on his first roller-coaster ride.

So it was organised, we arrived too early Luna Park was closed and we had to wait for it to open, evn though they were testing the Scenic Railway roller-coaster when we arrived.

My wonderful wife waited in line to purchase tickets for my super son and I.  My super son and I went to where the roller-coaster started, went back to the line and my wonderful wife was at the front.  We then went to the roller-coaster and went on it.  I remembered I do not like the drops but my super son loved it.

My memory of this experience will be the photo taken on the last downhill.  My son has his eyes and mouth wide open grinning from ear to ear.  I had my eyes shut tightly closed as it was a downhill.  He was loving it.  I was being a good dad.

So how was your Fathers day?