Last week I had the radio on after our Change Your World event and had Focus on the Family on.  The announcer/speaker mentioned the idea of spiritual intimacy and how often couples (read husband and wife) score themselves in different areas.  So the announcer mentioned things like emotional intimacy – where people scored 1s and 2s and intellectual intimacy where they also scored 1s and 2s but then scored 9s on spiritual intimacy because they went to a bible study, went to church and said grace.

What I liked next was that the person speaking said that’s not spiritual intimacy, spiritual intimacy is how much are you helping your partner be more like Christ?

Its funny, I could think of some couples who would answer oh yes I am helping my partner be more Christlike, they have to be more patient and have to love me more but I don’t think that was what the speaker was questioning.

This week I spoke to one of my classes about what does it mean to be Christlike.  I suggested that there are four areas centred around love that we need to work one.  These are:

  • Anointing
  • Relationships
  • Character
  • Heart

We need to know more of the power of God in our life and have the Spirit working through us, that’s anointing.  We need to be more relational and willing to form relationships with people like Christ did.  We need to have the character of Christ that would obey God no matter what, trust God and rely on God.  We need to have the heart of Christ to seek and save the lost, to look after the sheep without a shepherd and to love God.

So in what ways do you need to be more Christlike?