I am writing this on Monday and have a feeling that the story of Mike Guglielmucci will most likely be on television tonight.  It will generate a huge buzz, lots of introspection and some horrible comments about Christians by Christians.  You see we do a good job of shooting our wounded.

In the past 12 months I am aware of numerous problems in the body of Christ.  In the US there have been divorces of televangelists, others looked at for their use of money, the separation of Todd Bentley and his wife and now Mike Guglielmucci’s situation.  I have not weighed in on these situations as I am not one to judge as I know what it is like to be a forgiven sinner.

There are a number of good posts about this but I want my readers to consider their hearts before rushing to judgement.  How hard is it for you to resist temptation?  When was there a time when you fell to some temptation?  What impact did it have on your life and possibly has continued to have?  You see I start from a place of knowing I need God first and then seeing my brother or sister in Christ and realising they need Christ too.

I have no question there are issues of compromised truth in these situations that needs to be dealt with but the first issue I need to face is about me. For those close to the situations they are the ones who need to deal with the individual, not me.  We idolise from a distance and judge from a distance; neither is good.  I need to ask myself “Would I now give this brother a cup of water in Jesus name? ” Many of us are so hurt by what has happened that we would say no.  Yet Jesus’ words were “As you have done it to the least of these you have done it to me.”

Now remember these are people who have made a confession of faith at some point.  They are our brothers and sisters in Christ.  They would not be where they were today if God had not worked in their life at some point.  It seems to me that God is less concerned, for a time, in what ways they have continued to struggle.  Instead God works on their sin and mine in His time and sometimes situations happen where we see that sin revealed for all the world to see.  This is when we load the shotguns and shoot our wounded; both barrels.

This is the wrong reaction.  We need to see God in the person before we see the accuser in them and allow him to become the accuser in us.  There is no question that both are present but who is the greater?  You know how you would feel if your sin was revealed to all the world, so the grace you would want is the grace you now need to give.

So what grace are you giving?