When I was a kid and in my teens and early adulthood I had dreams of writing a novel of parallel worlds nad being able to travel there and calling on people to rescue you when things go wrong. I have just read Harry Turtledove’s The Valley-Westside War which feels a little like Turtledove was mind reading.

The basic plot is girl goes to different timeline, boy meets girl, girl has problem with locals, boy sort of likes girl, boy figures out girl is from a different timeline and then girl goes home.  There is more to it than that but I don’t want to give away more details to spoil it for anyone who will read it now.

I really liked the idea.  Even though these books are obviously aimed at late teens that was not a problem for me.  I liked most of the writing and enjoyed the use of archaic language, groovy.

Here’s my gripe.  The last page made me feel like I was set up for a sequel.  I have no problem about sequels and writing books for an audience and requiring a sequel because the story is so big.  I do mind feeling set up.  When this sort of thing happens I feel like I have got to the end of the story and been mugged.

In the end I would say  wait and see what happens next in the series before you go and read them.