There are times when we need to be sensitive to what God is doing, when Jesus walks down our street to make sure we don’t miss what is going on.  Some of these times are when things are juxtaposed.

Now I understand juxtaposition as the putting together of two things that don’t quite really fit next to each other.

For example,  this week I was looking up business registration details for my Bible college to fill in some governmental paperwork.  I then realised that the page I was looking at not only talked about business registration and other issues but that department of government also dealt with how to apply to be a brothel manager as well.  I don’t remember where the page is but a starting place is though I can’t recommend applying.

Now the stupidity of juxtapositioning is like the email I received today from a well known web site/social networking service.  The social network utility talks about prayer.  The email I received today said

What would you do, if you knew, who would like to sleep with you? Find it out in Would You Like To Sleep With Me?

Now call me naive but I usually think that praying and finding someone who wants to sleep with me (right now) are normally on the opposite ends of the spectrum.  No matter what articles like the Joy of Christian Sex think about Christians and sex.

Which gets to my point for today.  Many times God puts things together and surprises us, we need to discern what God is saying when these things catch us.  Maybe it is a warning that things are not all that they seem.  Other times it is a call to pray.  And sometimes it is a chance for God to give us a laugh.

So how is God trying to get your attention?

And for a postscript – did you know the Uniting Church is in the same class of religious advisers as Buddhists, Muslims, and Jews ?  See here for another bad juxtaposition.