With the move to Melbourne I do not talk to my brother-in-laws as much as I used to.  Now the reasons for this I think are quite reasonable and at the same time odd.

First – the one I found it easiest to talk to, and who talked the most to us, is still in Brisbane.

Second – when a brother-in-law calls he talks to his sister and I no longer get a hello like I did when they used to call up to Brisbane.

Third – for those down here we think we see each other often enough there is no need to chat.

In other words it has just happened this way.  There is no conspiracy plan by my brother-in-laws to leave me out of things or to not talk to me.

One thing that is personally interesting though is seeing all sorts of relationships being rebuilt.  We have had a few situations while we are down in Melbourne to re-establish relationships with different people.  My wonderful wife caught up with another such person this week.

What we are finding is some people want to catch up one-on-one.  Others want to catch up with the significant other as well.  That is some people want to do couples meet ups not just friend meet-ups.  For us we prefer our friends to know our spouses/family not just individuals because we see ourselves as a partnership, catching up without the other one around feels like we have to relay all the information over and over.

So is your friendship style team or individual?