There is a story, probably apocryphal of a child saying to its father, “Dad what is sex?”.  The father goes into an explanation of the birds and the bees as so to speak and then asks, “Why did you ask?”.  The child replies, “Well mum said dinner would be ready in a few secs”.

On Sunday night my super son blurted out, “Daddy we are not like mummy are we.  We don’t have the same things as mummy do we?”  My first reaction was “Oh oh, sexuality awareness kicking in.”  My second reaction was to remember the story told above.  I said, “No we do not.  What makes you say that?”  My super  son then replied “Well we don’t have a handbag, mummy has a handbag.  Boys don’t have handbags.”  My super son continued, “Boys and girls have suitcases though”.

I am so glad I paused before he gave me his revelation.