This week has not been much reading and film watching.  TV did get a look in with a DVD or two from my local library.  One was a Dr Who and one was Torchwood.  Also I have recorded the last 2 episodes of Heroes from Channel 7 but have not watched them yet.

So these are shows that I could or should be a fan off.  Torchwood is a spin off of the new Dr Who series and while it has the possibility of fun as it is aimed more at adults it is not as light.  This means while I enjoy the show it is not what I want to watch for fun.

The Dr Who DVD was from the third series and I got to see some episodes I missed for some reason.  This is much lighter fair and even if the world is about to be destroyed it is with some panache.  An having seen the Sontarens in the fourth season on Sunday we definitely saw this.  Did you see the quick view of Rose on the Tardis screen at one point?  And then this week we have the Doctor’s daughter …

As for Heroes I suggest you look at the Wikipedia article as I do not think I have ever seen such a well referenced article.  It is amazing the power of fandom and how it makes certain things well done.  Now if only all my students could have such high standards.