One of the defining moments for me at Fuller Seminary was when I was going through a major personal crisis, my dad was unwell and eventually died, and I needed some support.  I was part of a dysfunctional small group as part of a class but one night Bobby Clinton was the staff member who visited us for the semester.  He asked us all to tell us about where we were at, I shared almost in tears, and he immediately said lets pray to the group.

I just found out today that Bobby has a blog – of sorts – with weekly postings.  It can be found at  I had a look through the posts and found one that I thought I would share about being Ahithophelized.  Now I am pretty sure you are not familiar with such a word.  In fact I am pretty certain that Bobby made it up to describe what he is talking about.  What was significant for me was not that he talked about being Ahithophelized but that he talked about the ultimate contribution that a leader may make.  Bobby gives 13 different types of ultimate contribution and it got me thinking.

Many Pentecostals, I think, see themselves in ministry in a pioneering way.  The whole church growth model of go out and plant a church and show us your success is such a way of thinking.  However many people I know would have troubles planting a small group let alone a whole church.  Here roles of stabilizer, researcher and writer take on a different sense of leadership.  There leadership is in other areas than the pioneer.

We need to understand that God uses us differently from the person next to us.  Bobby’s work has been a constant reminder of that to this day for me.

The question I’ll leave you with is how are you letting God use you and is it the way you want or the way God wants?