This week with one thing and another I happened to see not one but two films.  While neither Enchanted or Bride and Prejudice are new movies what surprised me was the similarity between them.  And just in case you are thinking it really is Bride and Prejudice not Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Both movies derive from other material.  Enchanted has echoes of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and Bambi as well as Moonstruck and other New York based movies.  Bride and Prejudice echoes both Pride and Prejudice in its novel form and Bollywood musicals.  Both seem to do a great job in meshing these disparate forms into a story.  I have to say “seem to do a great job” as I have not seen enough Bollywood to know of the rules of the genre.

Both movies are relatively chaste.  In Enchanted Giselle longs for true love’s kiss.  In Bride and Prejudice the sign of true affection is a kiss on the forehead or holding each other close.  There is romance without explicit sexuality, though in Bride and Prejudice there are issues of the problems of younger people being more revealing in their clothes and the potential problems this will cause.

I had seen parts of Bride and Prejudice before and wanted to see the whole move to understand it all.  It has great ideas and some gtreat scenery.  Enchanted is a delightful postmodern take on the Disney fairytales of days gone by.  Both suceed somehow in the clash of cultures ideas.  While Bride and Prejudice had the more intellectual and thought out approach, Enchanted‘s approach was more fun and likeable.

I am happy to recommend both films.  Which you like more is a different issue.