Well the weather today was warmer so I rode my bike.  Instead of it being around 2.4° it was 3.7° so I put on my big coat, scarf and somehow made it to work successfully.

The coat has a long history – I bought it at a London Fog outlet in California as I was moving to New York.  A few years later as a gift I bought my then fiancee, now wonderful wife, a coat from the same store too.  The coat is one of my most travelled possessions, it has been to New York, London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Rome, Sydney, Melbourne, Durham, York, Oxford, Dubbo, Bathurst as well as numerous airmiles in between.

Someone then asked me this morning did I have the whole cape thing going on?  Funnily enough I had been thinking of seing people ride around Oxford with this effect.  I had mine tied too tightly for that effect.

Now it may seem that I hate winter from these sort of comments about big coats and being tied tightly.  The reality is I actually like winter as long as I am warm.  I remember in New York on winter Saturdays my routine was to go to the subway, get a train to the library, walk a couple of blocks around my favourite stores and then come back to my warm home.  Being out too long with no purpose never filled me with joy.  I never missed church due to the weather just possibly bad health.

The other thing that makes me love winter and I remember it again this morning, soon it will be spring and new life will start appearing and this is something we all appreciate.