Last night after a great class I finished Neal Asher’s Brass Man.  I enjoyed it as a read and while one part of the conclusion was expected the rest was a great surprise and a great read.  If you enjoy, slightly gory, but thinking Science Fiction I heartily recommend this series.

Today however is Friday and this morning, our thermometer, which was a gift for my wonderful wife last week said it was 2.3° outside.  It was very cold.  This was even more obvious with the frost outside and the frozen rubbish bin.

With one thing and another I ended up taking my super son to kinder.  When we arrived there I noticed a film van.  Now having lived in New York and seen filming, even the filming of the shocking Godzilla, I am not too phased by such a thing.  I look to see if someone famous is there that I might know by sight but I just kept on driving.

After leaving my super son at his kinder I walked back to my car.  I had to wait, and wait as one person in a car stopped in the middle, looked at the filming, stayed stopped and then realised they were stopping me getting to my car.  They then pulled up and got out to let one or two kids out to kinder.

I got really frustrated.  I was thinking to myself.  Irresponsible person, kids are important, no rubber necking.  But in the end I thought – hey its Friday and tonight we are finishing off the celebration of my wifes birthday so I have good things to enjoy.

So whether you are frozen, frustrated or involved in filming today have a great weekend.