I have been reading David Fitch’s The Great Giveaway and a few blogs about the emerging church.  This particular post of David’s really got me thinking.

I have been trying to process the comment that David makes that attractional churches have a role to attract those who are still in Christendom.  In the end my thinking now comes down to the following diagram:

What this is trying to say is that there was a time when the church just was missional.  It moved through a transition to what I would consider we think of as “traditional” –  church where the thinking of many is to be there for the state and/or the congregation.  Some traditional churches, and this includes some Pentecostal churches, then moved to an attractional model whilst not changing much.  Other churches started and were never “traditional” even though they have their own traditions, they were attractional from the beginning .  Some churches though have also thought to move/return to a missional model.

I think we are in a transitional time.  We are not quite at the end of Christendom as the diagram indicates that there is a point where we are in Christendom and then we are in post-Christendom.  I think this is a inaccurate portrayal of a transition transition and thus in the time we are in we need both the attractional and missional churches.

So what sort of church do you think we need to be?