The semester has started for me and I am publicising to my students how to contact me in a way that I hope they will find more relevant and helpful.  This means I expect some of you/them will be reading this for the first time.

This blog varies a lot over a variety of areas:

Monday Marking: Reflections on academic books on teaching and learning
Tuesday Theological: Reflections theological
Wednesday Whatever: Whatever
Thursday Theological: Theological Reflections
Friday Fiction: Comments on fiction or film
Weekend Wanderings: What we got up to over the weekend for my family readers
Random Revelations: Random insights into my life
Academic Agony: Things that make students or academics gnash their teeth

The theological reflections are often on issues of church, sexuality and its associated ethics, as well as issues I hear around college, from other blogs or otherwise.  These issues relate to research interests (Pentecostal Ecclesiology, Pentecostal Anthropology, and sometimes thinking through Pentecostal Ethics)  as well as the interaction of seeing the church in general move from attractional mode to missional mode.  I will be writing more on ecclesiology in the next weeks.

These thoughts are not always complete and three months later I may accidentally deny I ever said them but there were something I was thinking at some stage.

So welcome.